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Sales representatives provide key communication, merchandising and customer support services to their retail clientele.   

  1. New item introduction.
  2. Promotional display introduction.
  3. Order writing.
  4. Set planigrams including shelf labels and backtags.
  5. Reset department layouts including shelf labels and backtags.
  6. Assortment recommendations
  7. Seasonal item and promotional recommendations

Home Office personnel provide key customer service, Marketing, Distribution Center and IT communication and services directly to retail clientele and to support sales representatives.

  • Customer Service
    • Item availability
    • Packing slips
    • Invoicing
    • Returns
  • Marketing
    • Printed Fliers including School and Dorm Supplies, Spring and Summer Savings, Back-to-School and Winter Savings Fliers.
    • Planigrams including Health and Beauty Care, Hair Care, Cosmetics and Cosmetic Accessories, School Supplies, Hair Appliances, Ethnic HBC, Housewares, Laundry and Cleaning, Organic Products, Appliances and Electronics, Shelf Toys and Rack Toys.
    • Product Catalogs on request. 
  • Distribution Center Services
    • Break pack distribution service.
    • Direct to store shipments via Fed-X and UPS.
    • Low minimum order quantity at the item level.
    • $100 minimum order amount.
  • IT
    • Web Site
      • URL is
      • Product availability
      • Digital images of all stocked items.
      • Ability to place orders via ICM web site.
    • New item information
      • Via Excel
      • Via EDI.
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